Outdoor Konnect

A cross platform app to pair & manage Outdoor Konnect smartwatchs.



Outdoor Konnect offer a range of budget smartwatches & fitness trackers. They needed an app which would allow people to easily pair their device with their phone, and manage watch functionality.


Designed for every device.

Given that Outdoor Konnect watches can be used with any smartphone, the app needed a modern, cross-platform aesthetic, with appropriate adjustments made for platform specific interaction paradigms. It also required a fluid design, allowing it to scale to any form factor & orientation, from an iPhone 4, right up to a giant Android tablet.

Responsive DesignResponsive Design

Robust & Extensible

The team wanted to get their product to market as soon as possible, so rather than spending the time to build a super fully featured app, I designed a robust & extensible interface, that could easily accommodate new features as they were added.

If you need a robust, responsive, cross-platform app, I can help.

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