Start the Idea

Interface design and branding for a start-up who's going to revolutionize start-ups.




Start the Idea is a start-up which allows entrepreneurs to quickly assess the viability of their business ideas, as well as allowing them to seek investor funding. They needed a modular, flexible interface for a web app, which would serve as the basis for their business.

Shows basic profile info, and provides entry points to all tasks.

Idea Questionnaire

Users enter information about their idea, to assess it's viability

Idea Report – Locked

Allows users a preview of their idea report with a prompt to unlock the full product.

Plan Selection Modal

Users can select the plan which best suites their needs

Allows people to manange their account & billing settings.

A modular design system.


Being a start-up who likes to iterate quickly, Start the Idea didn't have a firm end goal in mind. In order to accommodate rapid changes, and provide them with a lasting solution, I created a modular, reusable system, where the building blocks could be easily combined to create new functionality.

This allowed me to iterate the UX, without getting bogged down in producing mockups, as well work closely with the dev team, without a lengthy design handover process.

If you want to work fast with a modular design, I can help.

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